Loft Conversions

Go Up, Not Out, with Our Expert Help!

Is your loft ripe for conversion? Extra bedrooms? Ensuite? Home office?

Loft conversions, also sometimes called attic conversions, can be an extremely economical way to extend your home.  Often no planning permission is required. So, if you value your outdoor space too much to reduce it, why not go up, not out!

Additional space?

Homeowners need, or would like, additional space for a wide variety of reasons.  Often with loft conversions it can be due to teens wanting their own bedroom space.  Increasingly though we are being asked to provide loft conversion ideas for home offices.

Whilst planning permission may not be needed for your loft conversions, Building Regulations will apply.  We will explain everything to you and can liaise with the Building Inspector on your behalf.

What can a loft conversion include?

Many people think of a loft conversion as having velux (sloping roof) windows and this being the only way to bring light into the rooms.  But there are many more options for glazing, including roof balconies and dormer loft conversions where additional headroom and usable space is created.

Additional bath or shower rooms are often a requirement we are asked for and complement additional bedrooms perfectly.

The conversion could be a new master suite, with a bedroom, dressing room, and ensuite.

It could be a spacious home office with a toilet room and kitchenette.

The possibilities are endless and having a loft conversions specialist help you get the maximum benefit from the space you have available will really pay off.

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At Copperwheat Conversions, our team caters to each individual project's needs, to ensure excellence. For more information, please feel free to get in touch and arrange your free consultation and quote.

The process

From your initial contact with us, we will be there to guide you from concept of your idea to the completed conversion. Because we are specialists in loft conversions, we may even present you with options you hadn’t considered.

If required, our in-house architects will design the space and draw up the plans and we will liaise with the Building Inspector on your behalf.

Our team of highly experienced professionals will take care of all aspects of the build for you, including fittings and fixtures, decoration, and finishes.

Why choose Copperwheat Conversions

We specialise in loft conversions and home extensions.  We believe in managing the whole project for our clients, taking away all the stress and minimising the disruption.

We communicate openly and transparently.  A project manager will be appointed, who will manage your build from start to finish.  This provides you with a named contact who you can liaise with on progress, to ask any questions, and who will help you select the right finishes for your new rooms.

If you are considering a loft conversion, then Copperwheat Conversions are the professional choice.


Can my loft be converted?

Without inspecting the space, we cannot guarantee this. However, most loft spaces can be converted to provide new living space. We will be happy to answer any questions and arrange a no-pressure consultation for you. Call us on 07843577502

How much do loft conversions cost?

As you can imagine, costs will depend on the size of the conversion, the number of rooms required within it, whether there is to be a bath/show room or kitchen included, and the size and type of windows chosen.

A dormer loft conversion is the most expensive way of gaining additional space – conversions with velux windows cost less.  In 2022 an average cost for a dormer loft conversion would be somewhere between £55,000- £75,000 plus VAT, depending on size of loft and finishes required.

The easiest way to gauge cost is for us to come and inspect your space and discuss your requirements.

How long do loft conversions take?

When considering how long do loft conversions take, it is good to know that it will largely depend on the size of the space to be converted and the design specification. Usually, the full conversion will take between 8 weeks and 12 weeks and it’s also important to keep away from any company who says it will be much sooner as this will mean they are cutting corners on the project.

What are the building regulations for loft conversions?

Building regulations apply to loft conversions to ensure:

  • The structural strength of the floor is sufficient
  • The stability of the structure is not endangered
  • There is a safe escape from fire
  • There are safely designed stairs to the new floor
  • There is reasonable sound insulation between the converted space and the rooms below.

Copperwheat Conversions always comply to these regulations and liaise with the Building Inspector on your behalf.

How do I get a loft conversion quote?

If you complete our online form here, we will get in touch with you to arrange to come out and undertake a home survey.  At our appointment, we will discuss your requirements with you, including your budget, so that we can suggest options and prepare a detailed quote for you.