Welcome your flock back home with our quality home conversions

Just as you think the flock have grown up, flown the nest, and you finally have the house to yourselves …. they return! The cost of living on their own at the same time as saving for a deposit is just too much. Or their plans haven’t worked out as expected. Particularly with the current economic uncertainty, our bespoke home conversions are in high demand.

Returning home, with more possessions and gadgets than will fit back in their original bedroom, they overspill into the main family areas. Leaving everyone feeling more than a little cramped.

The emotional impact

The emotional impact of admitting they need to come home, giving up some of their independence, can be quite harsh. For them and you. So, allowing some freedom and if possible, space away from the rest of the household is ideal.

But hasn’t a Pandemic been enough already, without adding the inconvenience of moving home into the equation?

So, here are a few ideas for home conversions, which might just save more than you think. And increase the value of your home too.


loft conversion into a bedroom

Loft Conversions

Have you just put the Christmas decorations back up in the loft and noticed nothing else other than cobwebs, suitcases, and the children’s old schoolbooks? Then you are potentially wasting one of the best kept secrets in your entire home!

A loft conversion allows a returning fledgling the freedom and space they need, without encroaching on the rest of the family. There might even be sufficient space to allow for an ensuite – an entirely independent living area.

Loft Conversions in Sunbury-on-ThamesMore privacy

If the current bedroom space is big enough, a home office or lounge area could be designed in your loft space. Giving you that little bit of extra privacy.

In fact, you will be surprised at how much useful space can be created within the loft.

Maximising the space

Access is often the biggest challenge and something that can be off-putting initially. But, along with power, plumbing and lighting requirements and maximising the space to be created, this is all considered within our home visit and planning stage.

It’s simply a case of having the vision and confidence in your project team.

With over 20 years’ experience in home conversions, we will provide you with that vision and explain every step… from the initial design through to completion. Even the most awkward to access loft can be worked around, giving you the extra space without the inconvenience of a house move.

Basement Conversion

Similarly, for many, basement conversions have not been considered an option. Or else something to shy away from because of the perceived hassle and potential risks.

But if your home already has an unused cellar or basement, we are the experts in Surrey to create the best home conversions solutions for you.

And where there is a will, there is a way!

Change of Use certificate

So, with the right design and a Change of Use certificate, imagine a separate living, work, or recreational area with its own access if needed, and natural or artificial lighting to suit. The envy of your neighbourhood.

A unique and stylish ‘studio apartment’ feel might alleviate some of the reluctance at coming back home to roost.

Garage Conversion

Another of our increasingly popular home conversions.

If your garage is well built and you are lucky enough to have sufficient off-road parking, a full conversion could be a relatively straightforward job to complete and a single garage conversion could add a minimum of 150 square feet of extra space.

Work must be completed by a professional

Struggling to find anywhere else to store your garden tools and furniture? Not a problem, a part conversion can be just as effective.

We will factor in insulation, power, heating, and lighting.

Although you could try to do the job yourself, for the minimal cost of a professional garage conversion, you could be adding thousands on to the value of your property if it is completed by a professional.

Conservatory or Garden Room

If you’re wanting some extra space just to ‘escape’ to, then a conservatory or garden room might be ideal.

But we have also converted many existing conservatories into additional kitchen space, home offices, playrooms, more permanent living areas and extra bedrooms or bathrooms.

Simply insulating the roof and regulating the temperature, to start with, could save on your energy bills over time. You will save on maintenance, too, as you’ll no longer need specialist conservatory cleaning services.

Home Extension

And finally, a home extension. Working from a blank canvas, you will benefit from a design for your perfect additional space specifically for your needs. Office, home gym, kitchen or living area extension, or a ‘granny annexe’ concept. Whatever you are thinking of, we can build.

Considerations for home conversions

Home Conversions and Extensions - Sunbury-on-Thames Professional Builders

There are pros and cons for any home conversion and refurbishment.

But that’s exactly why we are the experts. We talk you through every step from the vision to the reality.

Discussing how the existing space works and what is needed is vital.

Planning Permission

We assess the work to be completed and will advise whether planning permission is required (depending on what type of conversion or extension you have in mind).

All our work meets Building Regulations, so you can simply sit back and know your home and family are in safe hands.

Why Choose Copperwheat Conversions for your home conversions

Regardless of the type of build or refurbishment, you are thinking about, we will guide you through the entire process.

We have worked in the Surrey area for over 20 years and know the planning process, authorities, and a vast number of sub-contractors should we need to bring a specialist project team on-site to complete your job.

We have some fabulous images of our completed projects which show that any space can be utilised if you find the right company to undertake the work; one who totally understands your needs.

Efficient and effective new space

So, whether you decide to build out, down, or up, or reconfigure the space you currently have, working with you to create the most efficient and effective new space together is our forte.

And, of course, although you might have initially had the idea about home conversions or extensions because a family outgrew the home, all quality conversions will add value to your home too. So, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Contact us now to arrange a home visit for an informal chat, or a no obligation free quotation.