How much does a loft conversion cost? 3 Considerations

If you are needing extra space in your home, and considering a loft conversion as an option, this guide will help with your planning, budgeting, and prompt your final decision. Here at Copperwheat Conversions, we have been completing stunning home extensions and refurbishments and loft conversions of all shapes and sizes, and to meet each customer’s individual needs, for many years. With 70 years’ experience from father to sons, we can confidently say, we have probably been asked every question imaginable. But one which we are often asked, even before we have seen the property, is “how much does a loft conversion cost?”

10% to 20% extra value

We know how important your home is, and that any building work can be quite daunting, so we also know that to gain your trust, you want us to be open and transparent when talking about the timescales and cost of such an investment.

Completed by professional tradespeople, to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, and service, you could be adding at least 10% to 20% extra value to your property and potential future sale prospects. So, there are various things to mention when we are explaining how much a loft conversion costs.

So, How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?

I could tell you that the average cost of a typical loft conversion here in Surrey, would be around £55,000.00p. But the actual cost can vastly differ from one project to another, so we will never quote a firm figure before fully assessing the job on site.

The following factors are considered when calculating the overall cost of a loft conversion:

Age and location of your house

We have been working in Sunbury, Twickenham and surrounding areas of Surrey for over 20 years now, so know the locations, house styles, and how to create the most stylish and practical home extensions and renovations in your area.

The size of your loft and type and condition of the existing roof.

The style of conversion you are planning, quality of finishings required, and what furniture/materials/services or special features are required.

Timescales and complexity of the project – ease of accessibility, whether planning permission and exterior scaffolding, for instance, will be required.


mid loft conversion


Types of loft conversions

You can find out more detailed information about loft conversions in a separate blog. But, for ease of comparison, I have listed here a short description of the types of build along with the estimated average cost.


Shell or Part Loft Conversion

This would be your starting point, if you are a DIY enthusiast or already have plans in place for installing the interior finish. As this type of conversion only includes the interior structure, and elements required to meet health and safety, and building regulations, it is the least expensive method.

The average cost of a Shell loft conversion cost is £30,000.00p

Naturally, if you would prefer to leave the hard work, right down to the detail and finishing touches, to professionals such as Copperwheat Conversions, the cost increases from here relative to the overall project.


Velux Loft Conversion

This conversion allows your existing roofline to remain the same, but increases the light flow into the loft space, to make it a more usable and practical area of your home. It is worth remembering that this type of loft conversion, although less expensive and less disruptive, doesn’t add additional space to your existing loft area. It is ideal for terraced houses and semi-detached homes where the loft space may already be large.

The average cost of a Velux loft conversion cost is £40,000.00p


Dormer Loft Conversion

Your existing roof may not need any structural changes to be able to add dormer windows, and this adds to their already popular status amongst the different loft conversion types. You see a Dormer Loft Conversion protruding vertically from the pitched roof creates much more space than you would imagine.

The average cost of a Dormer loft conversion cost is £55,000.00p

A Gabled Dormer Loft Conversion is more expensive than the standard Dormer, and you will appreciate why when you see images! Your additional space wraps around the side of the property as well as the back (or front).

The average cost of a Gabled Dormer loft conversion cost is £60,000.00p


Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

A great solution for all house types apart from mid-terrace and looks particularly eye-catching on a semi-detached property if the adjoining house has the same type of conversion.

This is a slightly more expensive project, and involves straightening the slanted roof end to give a vertical end wall.

The average cost of a Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion is £65,000.00p


Mansard Loft Conversion

This type of conversion is possible for the front or back of your home and is a flat roof extension, popular with terraced houses. Although clearly visible, a Mansard conversion can be finished to blend in with your existing roof tiles or slates or to add a statement with different colours and materials.

They are more expensive and will almost certainly require planning permission*, but are well worth the investment for the additional space you will gain.

The average cost of a Mansard loft conversion cost is £75,000.00p

*whether your loft conversion is likely to require planning permission or not, adhering to building regulations is essential, and something Copperwheat Conversions will deal with on your behalf.


Project management of your loft conversion

We project manage your entire loft conversion to take away the pressure and eradicate any of the concerns or quandaries you may have.

Copperwheat Conversions cover everything from the initial enquiry, on-site inspection and assessment of your requirements, formal written quotation, and any permissions required, through the build phase, right up to the final sign-off giving you the go-ahead to use your loft conversion just as you dreamed!

Building Regulations sign-off

There are no hidden costs, as every element is considered. Scaffolding, exterior roof alteration, and structural work, staircase and safe exit planning, flooring, heating, lighting, plumbing, installation, waste removal, decoration, and finally the Building Regulations sign-off are all included within our project management. If we feel a contingency budget might be a good idea (purely for any unforeseen circumstances) we will also advise you in advance.


How much does a loft conversion cost with Copperwheat Conversions?

I hope this blog has explained why we would never simply give you an estimated or average figure when you ask us, “how much does a loft conversion cost?”

With so many variables to consider, including your budget, we would always start with an on-site visit to get to know you, your vision, and your property. This gives us a more realistic starting point and we can work together, from then to completion, with a full understanding of what is expected from both sides.

The cheapest or the most expensive loft conversion cost

Of course, we would love to work with you, but would always recommend you obtain at least three like-for-like quotations. The cheapest or the most expensive may not necessarily be the best, so we encourage you to consider carefully based on the information you are given and the working relationship you feel is best.

And finally, to answer your question, “How much does a loft conversion cost?” why not contact Copperwheat Conversions for a quotation and let’s get together to create the loft conversion that’s right for you!