How these simple steps towards future proofing your home could help avoid the move to residential care

Are you still living in the family home where you’ve seen your children grow up, move away, and now bring their own children to visit? Do you have precious memories you don’t want to leave behind? Or are you considering bringing your elderly relative to live with you? We know feeling safe and comfortable at home is important. And how your loved ones need to know you are secure, too. So, with life expectancy increasing and the elderly wanting to stay in familiar surroundings for as long as possible, future proofing your home could be the solution.

Even if you still consider yourself in the prime of your life, here’s a few of the ways future proofing your home will help keep you where you want to be for many years to come.



Whether still relatively mobile and active, or starting to struggle with moving around the home, longer term accessibility is one of the first things our elderly customers want to discuss with us. It can be a major factor in deciding whether staying at home is a possibility or whether relocation or even residential care may have to be considered. So, we do all we can in future proofing your home to allow for flexibility, when it becomes more important to you.

Hazards and space in the home might not be at the forefront of your mind right now but could certainly become a problem. So, we work with you to assess the best options for your existing floor plan or include easy access as a factor within the project planning of an extension or refurbishment.

Widening doorways is an option we can easily incorporate. We check the positioning of electrical sockets, light switches, and appliances which are already in place. And if any electrics need adding or moving, this all comes within the planning too.

Not only will widening your doors allow for easier access for walking aids or wheelchair access, but it can also bring a lighter and more modern feel even to the most established of properties.

Adding a stairlift may be as much as you need to allow you to stay where you are. In this case, inspecting the structure of your property, widening steps and stairways, and adapting landing areas will be a consideration.

And not only inside the house, but outside too, creating safer and more accessible entrances and pathways could be a key factor for you in feeling safe and able to continue living in your forever home.


Extensions, Renovations and Conversions

Loft Conversions - Builders in Sunbury-on-Thames. future proofing your home with a conversionOne of the most popular choices for future proofing your home is a ground floor extension or loft conversion.

Over the years, we have designed and built some of the most stylish and adaptable spaces with future potential to become a completely self-contained, but secure, annexe. We have also carried out more straightforward adaptions of existing living areas, changing their purpose to incorporate ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms.

Open plan living areas are in high demand. Especially now, with so many working from home and home schooling. But looking to the future an open plan design is ideal for extended families or managing with mobility problems.

In fact, we make sure all your ‘challenges’ and concerns are discussed.

Levelling uneven floors to create one smooth surface, even if that involves incorporating ramps and adding bannisters or external railings.

Removing small steps and creating an easy flow from one room to another, and with the most appropriate flooring materials to suit your requirements.

Right down to the smallest of details in considering the design and finish of the kitchen and bathroom units we install, so that there are no sharp edges and difficult to reach cupboards or controls.

Wet rooms, double showers, or walk-in baths are all the rage too. And are a great investment that will enable you to safely keep your independence.

In future proofing your home, we can create a modern, sleek designer feel to wet rooms or bathrooms or keep with traditional designs, depending on what you are wanting to achieve. But we make sure they are all designed to be easy to control, and easily adapted to add grab rails and fold down seats to suit your needs now or in the future.

With the right choice in style and colour finishes, any of the rooms we create for you will outlast even the youngest amongst us!



Yes, we know it’s not always easy to embrace modern technology!

But truly future proofing your home now by introducing smart controls not only makes life so much more relaxed, but it also adds value for prospective buyers when you are eventually ready to sell.

We have made simple changes to our customers’ lives by building in technology to turn on their TV, washing machine and other household appliances. Manage their home security and even open and close their blinds and curtains. All day-to-day tasks which we take for granted but can become difficult with age and disabilities.

Imagine that feeling of knowing your loved ones are safe and secure, without the imminent fear of having to leave their happy home.

Or knowing you can remain in your forever home in comfort.


How we can help in future proofing your home

Home Extensions - Sunbury-on-ThamesCopperwheat Conversions are specialists in all types of building work and renovations, completed in line with current safety and Building Regulations. And we are also experienced in bringing the best in planning and project management to each of our customers.

Our team has worked in and around Walton-on-Thames for many years and as a family run business, we know the importance of making your dreams a reality.

We will meet with you and discuss your specific needs, and all options available for your current home layout and structure, as well as extensions, refurbishments or complete rebuilds.

We are so confident you’ll love what we do, that we offer a full 12-month guarantee on all our work completed. So, leave future proofing your home in our safe hands, we will not let you down!

Why not get in touch with our team today? We look forward to hearing from you for a no-obligation quote.