Opening up your home into your garden

We are all learning how to make the most of all we have right now, and one thing that we are being asked more and more is how we can help our clients extend their living space, bring the feeling of being outside, at one with nature, into their homes… and the indoors out to utilise garden space. With so many options available, and even more so by using just a little bit of imagination (and at times, trusting our experience!) we are going to explain why opening up your home into your garden is becoming so popular; how we can work with you to create your ideal home that simply keeps on giving; and why Copperwheat Conversions is the local company to build your dreams.


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Using garden space effectively, bringing the outdoors in.

Extending your indoor space to outdoor areas not only adds to the appearance and feeling of freedom and relaxation around you. By making good use of even the smallest of gardens, or simply opening up rooms with more efficient doors and windows or knocking through existing walls, of course it adds to the value of your property too.

We have been spending more time at home recently and are beginning to see the potential in our homes that we may not have otherwise even thought about until now. From loft conversions to making your conservatory a more usable room all year round, new kitchens, and luxury bathrooms, to creating open plan living, we are designing and completing some awe-inspiring spaces.

Opening up your home into your garden, adding more comfort, style, space, yet balanced with that warm welcoming feel, doesn’t need to break the bank either. With the right design and use of space, planning permission is an unlikely necessity, something we would only have to consider if we were looking at a more permanent and solid extension. We will work around your budget, whilst still bringing a wealth of experience of utilising every nook and cranny, or help create a cozier feel for larger open spaces if this is what you are looking for.


So, how can you make the best use of your garden?

Get your bearings – You’ll possibly have spent more time in your garden in the past 12 months than ever before. Or, you might have recently moved and are now wanting to add your personal touch. Either way, do you know where the sun rises and sets? Do you know where shadows are cast? Where are the warmest and coolest areas during different times of the day? All this is important to know when using garden space effectively.

Spend time getting to know your garden so we can co-ordinate the planning to incorporate the most appropriate and effective lighting, heating, and power supplies. It could be frustrating if these are things you’ve not considered before going ahead. Especially if you are calling on the help of different trades, without a single point of contact or project manager who will bring it all together for you.

What are your intentions? Have you decided what you want to use this additional space for? Are you hoping to add some entertaining space – an outdoor bar, seating area or even with the option for an outdoor cinema? Home working facilities where you can breathe life into your day, but stay out of the sun, or whatever else the British climate chooses to share? A chic relaxation zone, with spa or hot tub? Or possibly an outdoor kitchen, transporting you and your guests one step beyond a standard barbecue?

Speaking of lighting, heating, and power, outdoor electrics is something to also consider, as this could involve slight adjustments to the lie of the land but will be worth the work of a registered electrician if you are looking for a longer term outdoor set up. Making sure you have sufficient sockets and switches to suit your space and allow for electrical appliances, fridge or freezer, phone chargers, gadgets to be plugged in is one of our most important considerations now, and your family or guests will be most perturbed if their enjoyment is interrupted!

And have you considered connecting your home to your garden with your smart tech? Controlling your lighting, heating, sound and vision all from one central pad or from your smart devices – oh, the joys of modern technology!

We will guide you through this as part of our complete design package, as we take care of the entire project, including making sure everything is easy to operate, safe to use and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Do you want an all-year round solution? If you are looking for an area you can literally walk outside to whatever the weather, then think about the roofing design or canopy style cover. A solid (or even glass) roof doesn’t have to mean you will feel enclosed but could extend the usage from summer evenings right through the seasons, really making the most of your investment.


Furniture showing how using garden space effectively is possible

Using garden space effectively to create a natural connection

Depending on the current layout of your home and garden, your vision and how you intend to use the new space, as well as your ideas for furnishing and the overall ambiance you want to create, there are many ways of opening up your home into your garden and using garden space effectively.

A seamless stroll from inside out, and keeping it all on one level, is something many of our clients prefer. This is great for ease of access, so age (young children or elderly relatives) and mobility issues don’t need to stand in your way.

Simple but effective paving or flooring perfectly co-ordinated with the interior décor, and which will withstand all weathers and footfall, add to the feeling of continuity. This, along with selecting the best design in glazed doors either to remain open all day long, or close to separate the outdoor area if you prefer. Again, these are aspects we can discuss in detail when it comes to the planning and overall project design.

We briefly mentioned the décor, but that along with furnishings are actually a huge factor in creating the flow when opening up your home into your garden. So, think about practicality as well as style and comfort. Weatherproof, easy to clean, and space-saving furniture are worth investing in from day one, both in terms of expense and effort! The furniture you would be as happy within your living room or dining room as you are outside is a sign that this is an area you will use for many years to come.

If you are short of space, hanging (or ‘egg’) seats are extremely popular and comfortable too. A pergola will provide the perfect hanging place, and with accessories that either co-ordinate or create a complete contrast with the rest of your design, they make for fantastic focal points. As do water features, which will add to your outdoor ambiance beautifully.

A small but subtle water fountain on your garden wall, or a small pool or spa-style hot tub can bring something special to your walk from inside your home to your new outside world.

But opening up your home into your garden doesn’t just have to be based around the ground floor.

Whilst you immediately tend to think of opening your bi-fold, patio, or conservatory doors to your newly created outdoor space, a loft conversion with a Juliette balcony or terrace could give the same sense of combining the two surroundings. A decked or artificially turfed area up above ground level could allow even more spectacular views or simply bring your garden upstairs. And what a way to start your day! Breakfast on the balcony, with just enough sunlight coming through your pergola, yet sufficient privacy to relax on your sunbed, and make every day feel like a holiday.


Why choose Copperwheat Conversions?

A family run business, with decades of experience from father to sons, we know our stuff!

Pride in every project we complete comes with extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, and a wealth of contacts even outside our own team. So, within your home conversion, extension or ‘home to garden’ plans, if there’s a specific task we are unable to complete ourselves, we can call upon trusted tradespeople we know will do the job to the same standards we work to.

We also know budget is an important factor to our clients, so we are transparent in our discussions and site visits, we are thorough in our quotes, and we will never leave you with any nasty shocks when it comes to the final payments.

So you can see there is more to using garden space effectively than you possibly thought, if you are in or around the Sunbury, Twickenham, Thames, or the Middlesex area, we are guaranteed to come up with a perfect solution for opening up your home into your garden, no matter what style of property or however big or small your vision! Contact us here at Copperwheat Conversions. We would love to hear your plans, or work alongside you to create your dream home and garden.