Make your life easier with a smart home system

Do you want your home to be a stress-free environment? Are you looking to upgrade your house to combine modern technology, with convenience and home security? Then you might want to consider a smart home system.

Time saved in home automation is precious time that could be spent with your loved ones. Or simply relaxing, and enjoying your home or hobbies.

Not only are we being asked to design homes which provide the most impressive yet straightforward living accommodation; modernise, extend, or renovate properties to allow elderly customers to remain safely in their homes for longer; but we are asked more frequently to incorporate the concept of smart home technology, automation and security systems into many of the above as well.

Cost-effective over the long term

Although it might seem a little intimidating and expensive when you start to investigate what is on the market, installing a smart home system is becoming much easier, more cost-effective over the long term, and therefore more popular as technology progresses.

Existing technology

Many systems can connect to your existing technology. And anything from managing your home security system, baby monitors, kitchen appliances, to remotely turning on lights, closing curtains and even vacuuming can be done without the time and effort you once had to put in. All at the touch of a button on a mobile device (whether your in the home or elsewhere in the world) or with a simple voice command.

In fact, a smart home system adds so much to your home as well as your lifestyle, that it is high on the list of requirements in many of our customer’s plans now.


smart home system


5 Benefits of Smart Home Systems

  1. Convenience – a smart TV will find and store your preferred channels and programmes. No need to worry if you are in a rush to cook dinner and get the children back out for their music lesson or sports club. Your smart oven will be cooking before you get home. Some even link up to recipe and cooking apps so you can sit back and let the oven take away all the guess work, adjusting the temperature and cooking to perfection.


  2. Efficiency – whether you want your house warmer or cooler for when you arrive home, there is little point in leaving the heating or the air conditioning on whilst you are out. So a quick click of your app will manage the thermostat, also effectively managing your energy efficiency, and potentially save on your bills.

    Home safety

  3. Home safety – smart home systems not only control the temperature in your home, but can also lighting and electrical appliances with smart plugs. Potentially reducing the risk of fire. This is a consideration for home insurance policies, and could save on premiums.

    Peace of mind

  4. Peace of mind – it is comforting to know that your house, pets and your loved ones are safe whilst you are away from them. But even when you are at home, being able to check in on your little ones sleeping from a monitor or camera means you don’t have to disturb them or risk waking them. A much more peaceful night for you all.


  5. Security – integrating security into your smart home system might save you the worry about whether your property and possessions are secure, but could also save you the cost of installation. The options are endless when it comes to smart security systems, and are constantly developing.  Lights, curtains and blinds can all be controlled from anywhere in the world, as well as being able to access you home security system’s cameras.

Smart Home Security Systems

Gone are the days when an alarm box flashing high up on your outside walls was enough of a deterrent for unwanted visitors. And sadly, few people take notice of an alarm ringing now anyway.

So, a more comprehensive approach is advised.

This is where a smart home system adds even more value. You want your loved ones to feel safe at home. And your property to be secure, even when you are away from the house.

Smart home security systems allow you to monitor and control your security cameras and lights, and receive live feeds to your smart device wherever you are.

Cameras and sensors

Doorbells with cameras and sensor view are becoming the ‘must have’ for all security aspects. You can literally connect with visitors at your door, from your smart device, wherever you are. So checking your parcel has been delivered, making sure the children got home from school on time, and knowing your elderly neighbour came back from her weekly shop safely have never been so easy and stress free.  You can also use it to see just what your pets get up to when you’re not home!

Curtains or blinds

You can turn on the lights and close the curtains or blinds when it starts to get dark, even if you are away from home.

Motion sensor systems connected to your central hub will alert you of any unexpected movement in specific areas.

And if you forget to lock the doors as you leave home, or if you locked yourself out, you can easily get back control of the situation with a smart home security system.

How Copperwheat Conversions can help with your smart home system

When considering your home extension, refurbishment, or new build project, why not incorporate a smart home system as part of your plan?

Or, of course, we can include smart technology upgrades like these or updates into a project to enhance your current home.

Our quality tradesmen will talk through your specific requirements to ensure the best in efficiency, modern living, and home security is all included within your bespoke package.

Traditional look within your home

Even if you want to retain a traditional look within your home, we will make sure that everything is in keeping with the rest of the build project, so you can have the best of all worlds.

As with all of our projects, we know you will be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work, from the initial face-to-face discussion through to completion.

We hope this has been useful if you are considering a smart home system as an integral part of your new home, or as an addition to your home refurbishments. And we will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quotation.