Important things you need to know about loft conversion bathrooms

With house prices rising once again, are you starting to consider other options to add value to your home as well as potential future proofing? No matter what shape or size property you live in now, Copperwheat Conversions have an eye for detail and the skill to build something out of nothing! So, if you’re wondering how to make the best use of space with loft conversion bathrooms these suggestions might help.

In a previous post, I have talked about the benefits a loft conversion brings both in terms of space and added value. If you have your heart set on creating a beautiful bathroom in your loft space but you’re concerned the height, space, or existing layout could make things awkward, worry not!

We have many unique ways of working the existing build structure and features into the new design. Making use of vertical or diagonal beams within your loft conversion bathroom or ensuite can be yet more desirable for potential buyers, as well as wowing guests of your own.

Of course, we love the opportunity to discuss untapped (pardon the pun) potential within your home!


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How to create the illusion of space and light in loft conversion bathrooms

Roof windows – this is one the first ways to open up the whole area, not only bringing in natural light but a roof window will also help with ventilation and the flow of fresh air. Single, double, or multiple skylights enhance the space and change the atmosphere dramatically.

If you want a theme running through the whole conversion, get creative and don’t feel you have to stick with standard square or rectangular windows.

But don’t forget to mention this at the planning stage.

Use the existing structure and features – you may think that the eaves, beams, and current structure could reduce the available space when, in fact, they can be utilised effectively within your design.

Exposed brickwork and timber can add to a natural and neutral space. Or else decorated to highlight certain areas of the conversion.

Imagine an elegant rolltop bath tucked under low beams, or a shower neatly built into a sloped ceiling.

A wall-mounted sink and toilet, combined with floating or recessed shelves will reduce the amount of additional floor space required for storage and fittings.

Alternatively, corner sinks, toilet units, or baths can also make use of awkward spaces which could potentially be wasted.

Decoration – light colours or bright white will always add to the illusion of space in an otherwise darkened room. So, if you can incorporate this with natural light, even better.

Or go for completely contrasting feature tiles, surrounds, fixtures and fittings.

Mirrors, mirrored tiles, or screens can be used not just for décor, but can reflect light into darker areas, and help maintain an element of privacy if used in the right places.

Even the most effective use of flooring colours and material can make all the difference to loft conversion bathrooms, so don’t assume you are limited in your choice.

And all these ideas can be included in talks with your architect, and with one of our expert project team members, to create the most unique and stylish loft conversion bathroom.


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Small loft conversion bathrooms

Designing, installing, and decorating a bathroom of any size in your loft conversion will involve plumbing, electrics, and specific planning requirements.

But with the right architect and a builder who is experienced in making use of every inch available, you are guaranteed a professional finish utilising each nook and cranny for storage, eye catching décor, and ensuring even the smallest of loft conversion bathrooms is safe and stylish.

Bath and Shower Room – if space is no issue, you can easily incorporate a luxurious feature attic bathroom, including both a bath and shower.

You may have sufficient floor space for a separate bath and shower unit. Some designs incorporate a standalone bath within an enclosed or walk-in shower area for a truly opulent feel, and effective use of an larger open space. Other designs include a shower over the bath.

And don’t let the memory of old fashioned, unsightly shower attachments coming off the taps put you off this idea! There are plenty of modern, subtle styles that will complete your loft conversion bathroom perfectly – co-ordinating or contrasting with the rest of your suite and surrounding area.

Shower room – If you have height to spare but floor space is at a premium, a bespoke loft conversion shower room is ideal. And integrated or floating shelves will finish it perfectly without intruding too much into the remainder of your attic room.

Wet Room – another alternative comes in the form of the open plan style and ease of manoeuvrability wet room. Taking up less space than a conventional bathroom, to incorporate a wet room loft conversion, all we would need to factor in additionally is a slight slope to allow for drainage, and waterproof wall covering and flooring which will create the impression of light and space.

Bath only option – low ceilings or clever use of the eaves allows a bath only option to suddenly become a feature within your loft conversion. A freestanding, rolltop, compact, or corner bath along with skylights and soft furnishings create an unexpected haven of peace and tranquillity.

Again, we can discuss how to bring in co-ordinating fixtures and fittings to keep within your chosen style.


Why Copperwheat Conversions guarantee the best loft conversion bathrooms in your area

Decades of experience in the building trade have brought with them a unique approach to all our bespoke home conversions, refurbishments and home build projects. And as a family business, we know how to treat our customers – current and new.

Respect, pride, and honesty are three traits which are carried through every single job we take on from initial visit, to quote, and on to completion and sign off. Speaking of quotes, we also promise that once we have given you a price we will do everything possible to remain within that budget, and keep you updated immediately should anything change as we progress through the job.

Having worked in and around Middlesex and the wider London regions for many years, we have gained loyal connections with well-respected architects, local suppliers, and talented tradespeople we call on for any specific aspects of a project we’re unable to complete ourselves.

And finally, everything we do comes with a 12 month Guarantee, Gas and Electrical certification, and conforms with relevant planning and building regulations. Because we prefer to run the entire project, you have no need to worry about applying for permission or arranging for final confirmation and sign off, leaving you with less to think about, other than leaving us to it!

In our next blog, we talk about making the best use of space downstairs by designing stylish and efficient kitchen extensions. But for now if you are interested in a home visit and free quotation for one of our unique loft conversion bathrooms, home refurbishments, or other renovation projects, contact us today to speak to one of our team.