Looking for an alternative extension? Our garden room ideas might be the inspiration you need!

Have you have decided that working from home is the way forward, and you want some extra space? Are you spending more time than you anticipated at home during your retirement, and want to enjoy your garden in all weathers? Fancy a home gym so you really can work out whenever it suits you? Or simply, as staycations may be the safest option for the time being, do you want to make the most of entertaining at home, come rain or shine? Copperwheat Conversions are your local go-to experts for your garden room ideas in and around Sunbury, Twickenham, Thames, and Middlesex regions.

The younger generation have taken to lockdown remarkably well and have provided some amazing inspiration on TikTok over the past 12 months or so. Stylish and super-useful ‘man caves’ and home bars, music studios and poolside summerhouses have featured in their videos. Even I have been a little envious. But it’s provided me with ideas for so many client designs.


garden room extension


Garden room ideas for all purposes

There are so many reasons to put your garden and outdoor space to better use, in ways which will enhance your lifestyle, bring you so much enjoyment, and additionally we will help you to see how even the smallest of spaces can be used more efficiently so everything can be safely and securely stored under cover.

Depending on your desired purpose, we use the most appropriate materials to create the best of the best outdoor buildings. Non-combustible constructions, waterproof, aesthetically and environmentally pleasing from the outside, and perfectly finished internally too to your individual specifications.

With just a few garden room ideas here, you will see how a standard single room or multi-purpose (possibly even multi-level – see later section on Planning Permission) garden room can create a whole new landscape when you step out of your back door:



Go for the traditional timber framed, pastel painted, log cabin style of summerhouse you can use all year round as your quiet reading and relaxation area. Imagine morning coffee or afternoon tea tucked away in your cosy haven of tranquillity. With secure locking, just enough glass to allow natural light to flow through the windows, on a rainy or beautifully sunny day, you can drift off to your heart’s content!

Or opt for a more contemporary look with steel framework or stylish cladding, full glass panels, pitched roofs, skylights or even solar panels on your roof. We can create a look to subtly match your existing garden and house structure and design, or to bring something completely different in terms of colour, shape, size, and innovation.

A single space forms the standard garden room, but we can also incorporate a storage area for your garden furniture, tools, or just to put things away when you’ve finished outside, or at the end of the day when you want to leave your equipment safely locked up.


Garden Office or study

garden office room

Commuting really can be a thing of the past, with just a few steps down the garden path, a flick of the switch to turn on the lights, heating, and necessary coffee machine. And with your wi-fi all wired up you can get to work straight away. No more dreading the journey home again, and you can even join the family for lunch every day too!

We can integrate working areas, desks, or benches, and even include for small meeting areas too. Every element of your usual workspace can be brought into your garden room design with Copperwheat Conversions experience and project management skills.

Log cabin garden rooms have become immensely popular as beauty and therapy workplaces, as they give that cosy and welcoming feel far from classic, almost clinical, designs. Again, the light and heating can be strategically built in, and sleek changing areas divided off from the main treatment area.


Gym, games area, bar

We can design your ideal R & R space to suit your budget and requirements. And as for bringing your personality to the party, we thrive on working closely with you, our clients, to get to know you and your dreams. From shape, appearance, added extras, and making efficient use of the space you have, we work through everything with you so you know what to expect and we can guarantee you will be over the moon with the finished project.

With so many garden room ideas you could find the ideal solution to house a swimming pool, or create the additional undercover area for your poolside facilities, your sauna, or hot tub area.

There really are endless ways a garden room will bring a taste of luxury, so you’ll never want to leave home again.


Man/woman cave, music studio, workshop

man cave garden room

We’ve seen them all!

Soundproof, insulated, designed, and decorated however you imagine it to be and to match your purpose and personality.

And because we work with such a range of professional tradespeople, we only introduce a trusted team to help us complete your garden room. We can tap into decades of experience, creativity, and imagination, so your man cave, hobby hut, or workshop will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.


Guest accommodation

And finally, yes, you can even fully kit out your garden room ready not only to entertain guests, but they can sleep in there too if you’re lacking space inside your home. We will give you guidance in terms of planning permission and building regulations if your garden room ideas include the option of sleeping accommodation, but if this is what you really need, it will be worth the additional groundwork to make sure you are fully compliant. And once it is officially in place, you need worry no more!

Electricity, plumbing, heating, and bespoke lighting can all be included as part of your package.

So, whether you have seen an inspirational design and know exactly what you would like us to build, or if you are just in the planning stages and have no idea what is available or how it will look in your garden, then speak to us at Copperwheat Conversions.


Will I need planning permission for my garden room?

Talking through your garden room ideas with us may help you avoid the need for planning permission. The benefit of building a garden room, is that they fall under the permitted development rules of outbuildings. There are some stipulations which we can advise you of, to ensure you remain within rules and regulations, however I have listed the three most important requirements for ease of reference:

The garden room must be no higher than 2.5m (bottom to roof top)

No more than 50% of the garden area is taken up with the garden room or any other buildings

It is not to be used for living or sleeping in

The height, area coverage and purpose of your garden room will all be discussed with me or one of our team in the initial planning stages, and any regulations or permissions will be factored into the project in terms of time, budget, and clear communication. With a reputation like Copperwheat Conversions, we get to even the smallest of details, so will not leave you or our family business at any risk.


Why Copperwheat Conversions can bring your garden room ideas to life

With decades of building experience across the board – home extensions, loft conversions, bathrooms and kitchen installation, and home refurbishments – Copperwheat Conversions is a family run business you can truly count on.

We know how the need and demand for spending quality time at home has increased recently, whether that be for home working and schooling, entertaining, or simply relaxing. And so, we also know that now is the prime time to look at what you already have and can make the most of in other ways.

Fully utilising your outdoor space, repurposing your garage, or recreating your ‘garden shed’, and allowing us to be part of planning your dream home and outside buildings is what we strive for. From an initial site assessment, considering any planning permission or building regulations (if this is required, we handle all this for you, by the way), detailed quotation, through to day to day customer contact and updates, and final sign off, we have it all covered.

No matter what size space you have, how your garden is shaped, or what your requirements include, we would love to work with you to achieve your ideal home from home hideaway, a garden room which will fit perfectly within your budget, and simply make you smile every time you look at the finished item!

The expertise we share across our team, project management skills, and our ethos of customer satisfaction and communication every step of the way means you will be in safe hands. In fact, we are so confident you will be delighted with your garden room, we offer a full 12-month guarantee on all works we complete. What more could you ask for? Contact us today, and we’ll help your garden room ideas progress from paper to completion!